How to travel Arizona + California for under $1,000

It might seem expensive to travel two highly sought-after states for less than $1,000 (Canadian dollars, to boot!) but trust me, it's possible. Here's how I did it.

For starters, we flew into Las Vegas, Nevada, where the flights are considerably more affordable than LAX, for example.

We started our road trip by renting a car in Nevada, where rental rates are also considerably more affordable (we rented from Budget, but they were all fairly comparable).

Travelling as a pair and sharing a room also helps keep your costs down (not to mention, sharing your trip with a friend obviously makes it a lot more memorable).


This desert state surprised me.

Places to Stay

  • Cambria Hotel Downtown Phoenix (Phoenix)

Tip: look for newly opened hotels, they'll usually be super cheap as they try to build their online reviews up.

Places to Eat + Drink

  • Valley Bar (Phoenix)


It doesn't get any more beautiful than California.

Places to Stay

  • The Movie Colony Hotel (Palm Springs)

  • The Monterey Hotel (Monterey)

Places to Eat + Drink

  • El Mirasol Restaurant (Palm Springs)

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