The Stranger Things success no one is talking about: the Eggo's

Have we all finished binging Stranger Things yet?

It's been hard not to.

The fiercely popular Netflix series had us glued to our television sets for a nine-hour run of season two. 

Between the intricate storylines, fascinating character development and nostalgia-infused sci-fi aesthetic, Stranger Things has, in virtually every category, been a smashing success. 

Then there's the Eggo's. The Kellogg's Eggo Waffles

Product placement in Stranger Things might just be its biggest success of all. 

What was planted as a small seed of detail in season one, developed into a full-fledged starring role of its own right in season two. 

But we didn't feel marketed to, did we? We didn't feel suffocated by Kellogg's brand message. It didn't feel like a cheap plug. 

Probably because it wasn't. 

It felt organic, and real. I wholeheartedly believed Eleven just really loved her Eggo's. It felt authentic.

That's because it was.

To be clear, Netflix doesn't offer paid placements. But Kellogg's surely capitalized on the spotlight opportunity. From the same brand that brought us the impressive catchphrase "L'Eggo My Eggo", it's not surprising.

When was the last time you looked for a box of waffles? Or did you look for Eggo's, specifically? After all, Eggo's is merely a brand name. Waffles are, in fact, the product. 

Directly seeking a brand name is one of the most successful outcomes of marketing. Eggo's instead of waffles, Kleenex instead of tissue, or Kraft Dinner instead of macaroni and cheese, for example. 

From the viewing party recipes, to the media blitzes, Kellogg's is now engrained into pop culture.

Was it any surprise they'd conveniently release do-it-yourself costume instructions before Halloween? Showing us how to retro-fy an Eggo box into a purse, boombox or flashlight, Kellogg's made sure every Stranger Things Halloween costume could effortlessly carry the brand's name.

Every photo, video and social piece of user-generated content is now stamped with a Kellogg's seal of approval. And Kellogg's didn't have to pay for any of you to endorse its product. Quite frankly, we all just kind-of wanted to. 

The collaboration Kellogg's sought after with Stranger Things and Netflix is truly a job well done.