Yoga at the Aquarium is the closest I'll get to The Little Mermaid

Everyone knows I’m not a morning person.

It takes three alarms and two cups of coffee just to get me out the door.

But the past six weeks I’ve been coaxed, willingly, from my slumber.

The culprit? Morning Yoga at the Aquarium.

Ripley’s Aquarium, at the base of CN Tower, and sandwiched between Toronto’s financial district and its harbourfront community, organized the program.

By 6 a.m. on Tuesday mornings I had my sneakers on the King St. pavement, jogging to the Aquarium for a 7:30 hour-long class with an aquatic backdrop even Ariel herself would envy.

Greeted by an eclectic, albeit repetitive, Ripley’s soundtrack, recognized at least a block way, I was instantly transported to a place of enchantment and delight as I entered the venue.

Each week, without fail, the vibrant medley of fish drew me in as they swam around in a sea of sapphire blue.

Despite the seeming chaos amidst hundreds of varied species, beyond first glance there was a strong sense of tranquility found within the world these creatures inhabited - a sense of calmness that I weaved into my intention for practice.

The classes alternated between the Rainbow Reef and Stingray Bay, and instructor Jacqui Wells provided the perfect mix of technical expertise, gentle guidance and rockstar attitude.

Yoga at the Aquarium is true soul food for wannabe mermaids, and those of us, like me, bound to life on land.